Designer Eyewear Trends for 2022

Although their purpose is to improve your vision so that you can see clearly, glasses are no longer just a means to an end. Instead, they are a popular fashion accessory in their own right. People who don’t need prescription lenses still choose to wear glasses with clear lenses, so that they can stay on trend even if they have perfect vision. And just like any other accessory, a great pair of glasses can complete an outfit.


Let’s find out what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to designer eyewear trends for 2022.

Thick Rims

Once considered nerdy, today's glasses with super-thick frames are at the very height of fashion and are extremely popular among celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts. You don’t have to choose dark-rimmed frames either. Today there are a variety of colorways to pick from, as well as chunky transparent styles that go with any outfit or occasion.

Vintage Aviators

Aviators have long been a popular choice for both glasses and sunglasses and this classic shape isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Instantly recognizable with a teardrop-shaped lens, thin metal frame, and double-bridge, they continue to be worn by everyone from the girl next door to celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Brad Pitt. Aviators don’t necessarily suit everyone though, and generally look best on people with square, oval, and heart-shaped faces.

Round and Round

You don’t have to be Harry Potter to pull off a pair of round glasses. However, they do work best on angular, oblong, and oval faces where they add width and depth. There is a huge range of round frames available, from understated, thin metal varieties to chunky, bold, and bright styles that aren’t afraid to make a statement.

Oversized Originals

When it comes to designer glasses, size matters, and it’s not just sunglasses that this applies to. Oversized frames have become particularly popular again in the last few years, and statement glasses like these will remain at the forefront of fashion for 2022. Again, there are many materials and colors to choose from, enabling you to be as bold as you dare!

Quirky Cat Eyes

It may be a retro classic, but cat-eye frames regularly hit the ‘hot’ list for glasses trends. With a distinctive heavy top rim that angles upwards in the corners, the cat eye is typically favored by females, but the good news is that it suits virtually any face shape. Choose from subtle tortoiseshell, browns, or blacks, or inject some color into your style with bright turquoises, oranges, and blues.

Eco-Friendly Frames

Being socially and environmentally conscious isn’t only important, it’s also in fashion. Perhaps then it’s not surprising that there are now more sustainable specs available than ever before. From wooden frames, plant-based bio-acetate, or frames made from recycled plastics, there are eco-friendly frames to suit every budget and style.



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